Gone with the wind!!


Beautiful morning, strong wind (promised gale force) screaming in the telephone and electricity wires.


Tide rising and waves rolling into the bay from the south east but wind causing spray to blow back into the waves and spectacular build up several feet high before going over the top. Looks good enough to ride if you had a surfboard and the ability so to do.


Bright blue sky with wisps of cloud scudding across towards France.


Cars in the drive rocking frantically glad we are not out on the road because it would be difficult to hold the car in a straight line. Needed to secure moveable objects from the garden and outside the house.


Can hear the rattle of tiles on the roof and just have to keep our fingers crossed no severe damage when the wind dies away.


Seagulls keeping a low profile most of them are walking or standing on the brow of the beach with their backs to the wind. Just an occasional flutter and one or two rise off the beach about four feet then drop again to safety.


All the plant life on the beach fighting to stand upright but failing miserably still, it springs back at each lull in the force of the wind.


Large ships sheltering in the bay last night now lost in the mist or murk towards Folkestone, as is the coastline in that direction.


The sun shining on the spray causing several miniature rainbows to appear, not in usual formation but blocks of myriads of colours above several waves.


Suddenly the wind stops and there is no sight of spray - then a minute or two later back comes the wind and it starts its display again.