Time Changes Everything!         

by Colin Burchett

Just over six years ago we moved to Lydd on Sea, and one of the reasons to do so was that we could take the dogs down on the beach regularly for a good walk. For the first two years we were able, within reason, to do this but our bad health overtook us and eventually we had to accept the fact that we would not be doing these walks anymore. This meant that we had to be satisfied with sitting looking out of our front window at the beach, just like a front garden, stretching before us and very much out of reach.

At the start there was a considerable amount of shingle showing and when you reached the end of the shingle and the tide was out then a vast expanse of sand reached before you. The shingle was reasonably bare - only the odd wild cabbage and small amounts of flora and fauna dotted about the beach, much of this was rough tufts of grass.

Over this last six years there has been a vast amount of growth and the appearance now is more like a country garden with gorse, vipers bugloss, poppies, mosses, and a miriad of small coloured flowering plants together with a carpet of grass so that it is almost impossible to see the pebbles in places.

This attracts many varied insects, including a considerable variety of moths, and all of the wild life, plants and insects, are protected and some are quite rare.

Not only is this free and available but we have the gulls, all sorts, and a number of other bird species around us.

It is a great privilege to live here and treat the natural habitat as your own front garden, especially as we do not have to do the maintenance. No lawns to mow, no weeding to do!

Even when the weather is bad you can look out and see the sea in all its fury, big waves, white horses, all beyond your garden. If it is stormy there is the likelihood of seeing some vicious lightning flashes and very angry clouds. When it is fine it is sometimes possible to see the coast of France. Therefore we are not isolated and even from the front room window we can watch nature at its best.

A similar situation has occurred at the rear of the house, the vast area of rough shingle has got covered with the same sort of plants, and here we also have the foxes, all the birds, and, of course, our own private "toy train railway"!

We still maintain this is the best move we made and there is no way we will consider another move away from this area.