by Colin Burchett

On Saturday 10th May 2008 we lost our lovely neighbour aged 96.
Over the years we had got to know her very well, we did the odd bit of shopping for her and she would always be around to take in our many and varied parcels.
We were not in each others pockets but we were there for her and she was there for us should the need arise.
She rarely complained about her health, just the odd aches and pains which we all have from time to time but generally speaking she was extremely healthy and certainly very mobile until the last few months of her life. She was permanently gallivanting to various singing functions with her beloved 'Club', the Greatstone Singers and later the Ken Sharples singers. It was amusing to us when she would tell us she had been out entertaining the old people at one venue or another. We reckoned that in most cases she was older than the residents of the homes they visited!
The Sunday morning ritual was for her to come round to us for a coffee and chat at 11 a.m. so that she could be back indoors to speak to her son Roy when he rang from America around 12 noon. If she did not feel up to visiting us then we would go round to her. Unfortunately one of our dogs was not happy with situation so would jump over the fence and invite herself in Midge's house as well. It did not matter because Midge did not mind.
When her husband Don was alive we could rely on him going off to church on Sunday, on his bicycle, around 10.30 a.m. He too was a very fit person and it was not surprising to see him crawling round on the roof of his bungalow securing the tiles, and terrifying us in the bargain, and this was when he was around 95!!
When Midge was fit enough she used to make sure we had mince pies at Christmas which she cooked herself. We would see her through the kitchen window most mornings so we would know she was alright and if we had not seen her a phone call to check up on her was all it needed.
When she was at home she spent a great deal of her time sitting in the front 'Loger' watching the world go by. And she didn't miss anything either.
After Don died she had a regular daily visit from her friend Mrs. Dilys Oiler and they would sit and natter for some long time keeping each other company.
For many years she went off to the USA to stay with her son Roy and family and told us about her escapades with all the help she obtained from the staff at the airport and the VIP treatment she received.
She had quite a dry sense of humour and was happy to listen to and tell the odd naughty joke!

We shall miss her very much.