by Colin Burchett

March 2008.

Just recently I received an email listing all the things from long ago. If you Click on   REMEMBRANCES you should be able to see this.

Well, I thought I could probably do better because I can remember further back than that and maybe some of you can too.

Now that you have read the Remembrances try these - I have attempted to match the items one at a time.

We didn't have a TV
Yes, Mum was always there, or I knew where she was.
We didn't even have a dog.
Half that amount, sixpence, was my pocket money and I had to earn that and go to work on the farm to get extra.
What street!
What street lights?
Mum had thick stockings and nylons for best.
True if we had a male teacher. But all the boys had to wear ties as well.
Not the female teachers I had, their hair was generally blue and they wore flat shoes.
No car so no windscreen.
Only on holiday would we go into a restaurant once in the whole week. We had no money to go out to eat.
Only one school from 5 to 14 when children left to go to work.
A Ford Capri - more likely an Austin 7.
No, you took the starting handle away or the rotor arm.
Yes, clouds did look like a...........................
Certainly no adults when we were playing games.
Look at all the waste packaging we saved.
Headmasters office usually meant the cane then home and you had to tell your parents and it may be a belt, slipper or sent to bed with no tea.
Certainly times were much slower.
Yes, we did fear for our lives but it was bombs and bullets and only then the parents if we misbehaved.
We saw all of these films.
I remember Sweet cigarettes.
And I remember you could buy ordinary cigarettes loose - even some packets of 5 (Players Weights). No cigarettes had filter tips.
Not pogo sticks but we had metal or sometimes wooden hoops about 2 feet in diameter which we used to roll with a stick.
Definitely marbles, including Alley marbles - large ones. We also had cigarette cards to collect and play for against each other.
Milk bottles had cardboard tops and the centres could be pushed out and two of these together were used to make wool bobbles.
There was always a newsreel before the main film but usually between them would be a cartoon or a lesser important film.
And they were always in black and white.
Telephone numbers had first three characters which were letters then four numbers. Hence WHI tehall 1212 (Scotland Yard).
45 rpm's - we had 78 rpm's.
No ice cube trays - no fridge.
Before spud guns it was cap guns. Sometimes an airgun with pellets and darts for target practice.
Toilet paper - Oh yes, I remember Izal but we also used to cut up the Daily paper into squares and with a piece of string hang it on a nail in the toilet.
There was no flush in the outside toilet so we had to use buckets of water to flush.
What was a tape recorder.
We had crystal set radios which we made ourselves or if we were lucky the family had one valve radio run by accumulators which had to be recharged regularly. They were taken to a specialist shop to be charged.
No idea how much petrol was way back when!
Saturday morning film matinees for the kids which usually had Hopalong Casidy and other cowboy films, cartoons etc but no TV.