“there it was gone”




colin burchett





This is the story of my life from the earliest time I can remember, about 1939, when I was four years old.  I have attempted to keep everything factual but as you get older so the memory begins to flag.


This story is mainly written for a record for my children, if they are interested, because things have altered so very much in many aspects of ordinary life in such a short time.  Attitudes are very different; families are not as close, either in their feelings towards each other nor their closeness when it comes to where they live.  When I was young people never really moved very far from their families so it was easy to visit – now they live many miles away from each other and all I can say is “thank god for a phone!” otherwise one loses contact quite easily.


A lot of what I have to say are feelings as much as happenings and may seem very strange but life certainly seemed much easier and simpler when I was young.  Things were much more black and white – now there are very many grey areas – I am not sure if it is a good thing.


I am well aware that the younger generation  (and I can be counted among one of those once) always feel that the “old ‘uns” are a pain and don’t know what they are talking about but when you become one of those “old ‘uns” yourself you can reflect and many a time you can see that your parents and grandparents were right.


Unfortunately my generation, born around the mid 30’s, have a great deal to answer for, we generally had a rough time throughout the second world war, so decided that things would be a great deal different for our children.  Look where it got us – because those children did not have the discipline we had they have now allowed their children to become less caring.  Yes, this is a generalisation but unfortunately I feel that the proportion is overwhelmingly on the disastrous side.  Let us hope that those with more sense, and concern for others, will eventually bring the rebels into line and make life worthwhile again.  There is no sense of values and I don’t mean material or monetary things.  Attitude to others, being helpful, grateful, but not expecting any other reward other than the sense and feeling of having been successful in helping someone who needed it.


One needs to appreciate ones surroundings, the fields, the trees, animals – both tame and wild – and a person’s property should be left alone – you should not need to feel jealous because someone has something you have not.  Most times that person has worked their socks off to obtain that small piece of property – they value it because they have made the effort to obtain it by hard graft.  Those persons who steal because they “want” it are nothing but scum, they are the objects that we (the now older generation) are to blame for.


I did not intend to preach, but I am not a person to say how I feel and I wanted to put in writing how I see life.


I hope you find my tale interesting – at least you will know how it was in the last two thirds of the 20th century.

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