he other items missing from previous chapters are a lot of dates when various things happened, mainly to the family,  which should be recorded. Not all of them are good news but important to the family all the same.


Alan – His first kidney was removed when he was 9, 2nd one removed in December 1981, first failed transplant March 1982, 2nd failed in 1983 and the last transplant on the 20th August 1989 which will be 15 years old this year, 2004.  Great triumph after such a lot of problems.

Lee joined the family of Alan and Michelle on the 25th August 1996 and was formally adopted 18th November 1997 and is a most welcome addition to the family.

Belinda made contact with Alan and Michelle just before her 18th birthday, probably around March 1997.  She has now produced two wonderful little girls to add to the dynasty, their names are Jessica and Bethany.

Alan left home after his 18th birthday, a ‘pad’ in Tonbridge.

Michelle and he moved into their first place in 1980  - a pleasant little dwelling in Deptford, South East London.

They were married on 13th February 1982. Moved to Andover from Woolwich in 1987 and from one house in Andover to their present abode in October 1999.

After a considerable time off work due to dialysis he started work in Andover in 1990 and his present job in Farnborough, Hants in December 1996.

Michelle started work as a civil servant in 1979 in Victoria, London and now works nearer to home.


Paul – he had a very bad motorcycle accident at Goudhurst on 6th June 1979 and has left him with severe disabilities.

He worked in Paddock Wood for a while in a plastics factory.

He moved away from home whilst we were at Staplehurst and was living in Hadlow for a while.

He and Cheryl were married on 28th April 1990 and now live in Seaford with their two children Paula-Marie and Stephen.


Julie – she went up to Preston polytechnic after she finished at the Grammar school in Maidstone.  She then stayed up there and bought a house.

Subsequently she moved house to West Yorkshire where she lives now right out in the country with Malcolm and their son Fraser.


Karen – moved out of our house in Hawkhurst to a house further up the road with Lee in 1992 and from there moved to Staplehurst in 1996.  They got married on 7th January 1993.  She took Tammy with her as she was originally Karen’s puppy. Nathan was born on 27th December 2002.


Nick – moved out of our house in Lydd on Sea  to Cranbrook in 1997 with Tina and moved to Staplehurst in 1999.  They were married  on 5th May 2001. They have two children, Louise and Alex.  Nick is now a house husband also doing a bit of part time work.


Mark – left when he was 18 months old but several years ago made contact and he and his wife, Debbie with their two children Aaron and Leah live in Southampton and we now have contact with them.

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